How to get opossums out from under a shed or porch

Oregon opossums can create an entire nest under your shed or porch quite easily. This is because it is dark and undisturbed and there is food from your house on which they can easily survive. Getting rid of these intruders from under your porch might require that you take some of the following steps:

Storing food items away
Portland opossums follow food supply. Taking away their supply of food will lead them to move out and go elsewhere in search of the same. Storing all food items appropriately and covering up all trashcans and dustbins will efficiently leave them without food. Feeding pets in enclosed spaces where the opossums cannot get in and steal their food will also help with cutting off their supply of food.

Opossum proofing
Carrying out some Portland opossum proofing activities around your house will get the intruding animals away from your shed or porch. This can be achieved by cutting grass short around the porch for instance and filling the space underneath the shed and porch with stones or bricks; effectively blocking them from nesting under there. Using a metal barrier to cover the area underneath the shed or porch will also seal out the nuisance opossums and drive them away.

Trapping them
Placing a good old trap under the shed where you suspect they could be nesting will enable you to capture the opossums. When trapping opossums, any type of bait will do as they generally eat everything. Having professionals come in and take them away will help you dispose them off in a safe legal way depending on the regulations regarding handling of nuisance wildlife.

Using repellents
There are varieties of opossum repellents that are available in the market today. Some of these include ammonia, mothballs and spikes that can be placed all around the yard to drive these animals away. The smell coming from the repellents are a deterrent to the opossums and in reaction they will move away. Lighting up the porch and shed Opossums love darkness and only come out to play at night. Having the whole area in your yard well lit will make the opossums uncomfortable and in turn drive them away from your compound. Placing a light under the porch or shed will also leave them without a hiding place and this will keep them away as well.

Seal off entry points
This is pretty simple to do as you will simply need to identify how they gain access to the area under the shed or porch and seal that off. This will help to drive them away from your property.

Getting rid of opossums from under your shed or porch will require that you use a combination of tricks to ensure that you not only remove them but that you also keep them from coming back another time. Making the prevention methods a regular activity will keep them away for good.

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