Do bats chew on wires?

Oregon bats are insectivores. They do not chew on wires. Instead, they swallow whole insects and bugs, favoring them while they are in their aquatic stages of life. If you notice that your wires are being chewed on, then you may have an infestation of rodents or other creatures, in addition to the bats. The major damage caused by bats are from their own bodily excretion, their droppings and their urine.

Portland bats have a very high metabolic rate and would need to feed every day or risk dying from starvation. Chewing on wire would do nothing to help their needs and therefore your wires in your home are safe. During the winter, insects become less available, so bats would enter into a state of hibernation to save their energy. They huddle together in very large colonies so that they can stay warm.

While bats do have sharp teeth, they are not aggressive creatures and would not willingly attack humans, unless they themselves are being attacked. There are over thirteen hundred species of bats around the world. Some feed on insects, some on fruits and some on the blood of large animals such as deer and cattle, but they never ever chew on wires.

Whether or not you have chewed wires in your home, having Portland bats roost in your home, is a major health hazard to you, your family and even your pets. As protected animals, the law limits you in how to get rid of them. They only effective measures that you can take would be to contact your local wildlife authority, seek aid from a professional or try to make them leave yourself.

Hiring a professional may be costly but at least you do not place yourself in risk of being bitten by one or coming into contact with its urine and feces. These professionals will not only get rid of the creatures, but they will also rid your home of the deadly matter. Should you have other creatures besides the bats, they would be able to get rid of them for you as well.

Chewed wires risks destruction of your home. Your electricity can short-circuit, and cause fires, and it can even cause your home to blackout. Electrical wires spread very quickly and are very difficult to put out if the right materials are not used. If you notice chewed wires, you should contact a professional immediately so that they can rid your home of the uninvited invader and you can then have an electrician fix your faulty wiring.

Bats can be a nuisance in your home and while they would not destroy your wires, you should immediately have them removed. The time of year is important for effectively removing them from your premises. In the winter months when they are in hibernation, are not the best times to have them removed. You may want to wait until the spring or fall to have them removed. They tend to give birth during the summer when there are large amounts of food available and it is inhumane to separate mothers from their young.

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